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Matamba Film Labs for Women is a New-Media start-up registered and based in Zimbabwe. Apart from day to day Production, we equip and empower the new generation of women filmmakers/ storytellers with original Zimbabwean and African perspectives to produce compelling films and digital content in the midst of a male dominated industry. We provide safe, non- exploitative environment for women to learn new media storytelling skills. In addition, we engage with other regional and global filmmakers who are producing commercial content for prime time and cinema, with a hope of transferring knowledge, skill and confidence to our local women filmmakers.

The Future Femme Film Makers Lab

The Future Femme Filmmakers Lab, is our flagship project at Matamba. The project brings together women creatives interested in cutting edge innovative storytelling methods in various mixed reality techniques. (A.R/ V.R/M.R/X.R) Vested with digital storytelling tools, new media skills and future technologies, the women filmmakers are enabled to shape and tell their narrative with more powerful voices in addition to being upskilled to use such tools for commercial purposes locally, regionally and globally.


In 2021, the inaugural FFFL Residency incubated 10 talented young women who recieved a.r and v.r storytelling training and were exposed to opportunities, equipment, mentorship and networks of other women who were working in the v.r world globally. Post this, we co-hosted an introduction to V.R Seminar with our Partners 4pi Productions (CARDIFF) and Impact Hub (Harare). We also created online platformes which shared amazing facts about v.r and the opportunities out there which had a reach of over 16,000 clearly showing the need for such platforms and online engagements.

Our First VR Film


As Matamba, we have been curating equipment and boast of 25 headsets which we want to share with Zimbabwean locals and enthusiasts who are interested in new media. They can get to immerse themselves into the world of different realities. 10 of these v.r sets are mobile operated whilst 15 are computer operated. We also boast of 360 cameras which we use to train and create 360 V.R content.

Our Future Femmes


Providing women film makers with platforms that offer sustainable opportunities for
showcasing their productions to wider audiences, while facilitating the professional
growth through various exchange with experienced global industry practitioners.

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The management team’s combined business experience of more than 30 years working on some of Zimbabwe’s finest brands is a true testament of the commitment, network and experience required to make the Matamba Film Labs a firebrand in the creative service industry. Development, Marketing, Administration, Project Management are a reflection of a team that is determined to position itself as a dominant player in new media production in Zimbabwe.

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